The book

SIXTEEN FOR ’16 lays out a sixteen-point progressive policy agenda for the 2016 US Presidential election. SIXTEEN FOR ’16 makes the case for:

  • Government-led job creation
  • National infrastructure renewal
  • A rededication to public education
  • Universal single-payer healthcare
  • Higher taxes on higher incomes
  • Refinancing Social Security
  • Stronger bank regulation
  • The right to join a union
  • A living minimum wage
  • 10 sick days, 10 holidays, and 10 vacation days
  • An end to the prison state
  • Secure reproductive rights
  • Making it easier to vote
  • Closing down the NSA
  • More humane treatment of refugees
  • Addressing global warming

SIXTEEN FOR ’16 is an election book that puts policy ahead of personality. It is designed for students, teachers, and citizens who want to discuss the real issues that affect real people this election season. The sixteen policies proposed in SIXTEEN FOR ’16 are no-nonsense, no-brainer policies that should be endorsed by every Presidential candidate.

SIXTEEN FOR ’16 is a non-technical, easy-to-read book that is ideal for classrooms and book clubs. Each of its sixteen short chapters focuses on one key social policy proposal. SIXTEEN for ’16 is scrupulously non-partisan and data sources are fully documented. Teaching and discussion prompts are available free online through a companion website.

“Yet another progressive agenda … but this one is different. It is so sensible and straightforward that it actually dispels the cloudy and complicated debates that confuse us about our policy options.”

— Frances Fox Piven, former president of the American Sociological Association

“Uplifting … Babones has distilled the ocean of progressive policy ideas into specific proposals for a progressive agenda in the 2016 elections and beyond.”

— Duncan Stewart, Library Journal